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Your Turn: Something Good About Our God


One good Sunday school teacher, simply by asking us confidently, deeply engraved the answer. 

Yeah, like this turkey could even remember her name.  Or my answer!  Or anyone else’s answer! 

Truth be told, the dancing turkey lady probably never even tried to address her own questions. 

There was no question.  And that’s the only answer.  And that’s the only answer we ever needed. 

Yes, the same mob of otherwise-opposed Secularians and Religiosities still team up at the cross. 


No, not everyone was trashing truth, or truthing trash, and so they both graduated with honors. 

Tuition at this university is a little bit higher than the average.  But they always give you change. 

Beside some great Sunday school teachers, some online Gospel tools are listed in the blog menu.

Gospel (in Greek) means Good News (in English), and we all fall short of this, but it’s “Your Turn.”

Please share your own testimony, along with links to your favorite changed-universe ministries.


Bible Gateway, 100+ versions in 50+ languages
Blue Letter Bible, with source languages
ChristArt, Christian Clip-Art samples
Christian Spotlight, movie reviews
K-Love, contemporary Christian
Reverend Fun, color comics

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