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His Message Changes Us (Into Messengers!)



This Picture captures something that might not be clear to newbies. 

No preacher or teacher compares to the message itself.  Any reader must also become the next messenger, or it has been badly misread, and lost

Looking at yourself as the zero who becomes a hero for the whole world is not just part of the picture, it’s the cross-point of the cross.  Otherwise he’d either have done crime for the “time,” or just crawled away like the rest of us reptiles.  That vertical beam is what he did for us, and the horizontal beam is what we do for him, becoming witnesses (the Greek word is Martyrs, to our family/friends/neighbors/etc).


Pictures often do speak better than words, and adding another Gospel Tool to this blog seems worthy of the extra such screenspace.  Their name, ChristArt, refers to Christian clip-art, but if they’d asked me after finding them yesterday, their slogan would be “When thou sayest Christ Art, thou art witnessing.”  Okay, for the record, their home page has Anointed Arts and Media as their tagline, even so much so that this one wannabe pitchperson will bite his lips, and even backtrack backwards on the track to anoint some (only three) over-wordy previous posts, as well as some other empty areas!

(Comment suggestion for this post: Messengers)

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