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There’s Something About That Name


On the cross, the issue was not about the proper pronunciation of anyone’s name, yet in the way it was used it still came down to that. 

When we say God, or The Bible, or Jesus Christ, we usually mean it in one way or the other.  The neutral sense is also necessary, just as we all need names in school, or at work, or any such thing, but your spouse (or your mother who gave it to you) may intend it for effect on one or another extreme.  Even more common, simple pronouns tend to slip in, such as “You,” and “We,” and especially apply at the office, where tone may stay the same, but both high and low know.


The traditional transliteration of the generic Hebrew word for God is Elohim (el-oe-heem).

The exact-English transliteration is more like “Ally-Jim,” and certainly carries the meaning across, but still falls short on full translation.

God is Love, and the specific proper noun for alpha-English (transliteration and translation combined) should also explain a generic with no singularity-context (god/idol/demi-god).

Thus Allegiance (who), or allegiances (what).

These also present us with the quasi-hybrid, “ally-gent,” which may convey a gentle distinction.
The two neighbors astride the cross were either angry about their situation, or understanding it.

Never the twain shalt meet, since anger and understanding still remain mortal enemies, but if the goal is for your next fix, nobody on or off the ally makes any matter other than that.  Ask the wife and children if you have any doubt about it, or even the parents and siblings.  Even the perp who knew the situation, only knew that he was equally guilty, which meant he knew God as “Friendly.”

Even most of the people on the ground were calling him “unfriendly,” but there was only one that spoke up for the obvious.  “You’re no worse than me, but your kid(s) are better than either of us.”

Another way to explain it “popped” up the other day.  Any olde magnifying glass is enough to see clearly, and enough to keep from letting yourself get fooled.  One giant one for a dollar, and three normal-sized optic tools for a dollar, and those like me who know and love dollar stores might be inclined to dive-in, without even expecting any problem.  For one, they’ve saved me much more over the years than two bucks, and for another, there was no way to check them without opening the packages.  But the centers are flat (zero mag), and the outer part of every glass so distorts the page they look like they’re going into an inter-galactic warp.  And who knows who may join them.

They also say that bank tellers know the real thing, simply by “knowing the real thing.” 
(Comment suggestions for this post:  Names of God, and how to know the real thing)


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  1. Bryan Neumann permalink
    2011/04/26 9:00 pm

    Great Blog Tim
    God Bless You My Brother Love You



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