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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  We have this down on paper, but is it really the owners manual?

Speaking only as an electronic technician, with an interest in High Fidelity, it can easily be shown (for example) that Adam named his wife Chewy.  Most of the other proper nouns, such as names and places, are transliterated much more clearly to English (for example), and thus vocalize the original sounds.

Leaving that cheap laugh aside, and calling her anything but late for dinner (Hi-Fi-ve!), we can “see” the sounds of letters.

One step later, and well beyond my own ability to explain (other than as evidence of His creative touch), the shape of every Hebrew letter almost jumps off the page, and shows exactly where to move your mouth to produce the correct sounds (another blog entry shows all 22 letters).

Such living letters are the main topic of this +Alpha+Bible+ blog, but obviously extend unto each word, phrase, sentence and paragraph, along with each chapter, and book, and might someday shed more light on some foggy translations (such as with circumstantial humor, from the Proper Transliteration).

People who write (think/create/blog) most easily reproduce how growth comes from our learning and teaching with whole hearts, but along the pathway, starting even in preschool, the rest of us humanoids but follow the food, music and fun.

Another meaning for “A,” as in alphabet, is open, which is the correct motion to produce the proper sound.  For here, this means both openly sourced (owners manual), and original enough to keep the readers eyes open (vote with both of your eyelids).

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