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(Christmas Special): Who Cares About You?

BETHLEHEM, WI (AB) A child was born yesterday in the downtown parking garage.  The young couple had just departed for a bus to Central America when the ambulance arrived, according to bystanders.

Despite lights and sirens, the medical crew was delayed in the total gridlock created by the unexpected visits of three foreign dignitaries during evening rush hour.  The leaders of England, Sweden and Japan had all motorcaded to the nearby downtown Spy-It Hotel for a secret summit with “the new leader of the free world,” when they quickly snuck out thru the garage and hailed city cabs.


According to one valet, they even stopped to ask about the small group of porters who had brought out water and blankets.  They also kissed the baby, and congratulated the young Mexican couple.  When they heard that the reservation at Highway Robbers had been denied, they were even going to get dad a room right here at the Spy-It.

The father laughed, “So was I, we already tried every place else, but I guess the little guy knew we could never have gotten past the front desk.”  Then the mother, who also did not seem to notice how the bellboys had stood at attention for the three foreign-looking businessmen, and were now shushing her hard-working husband, said she “would rather sleep in a barn.

Dozens of worried-looking men in dark suits kept the nice businessmen from bothering the poor mother any longer, but they did leave three little cards with the new pop, and spoke something about truckloads of food, clothing and baby blankets for the freezing cheesehead.

The manager came out and sent the uniforms back to work as soon as all the suits were gone; but the new mom is reported to have left him alone with all his king-sized blankets, walked across town to the bus terminal, looked down into her arms, and said, “Who cares about you?”

by Tim Van Horn, December 2nd, 2004
while gringo worker at an Hispanic church
(for free distribution, with or without credits)

Wishing you a barnyard Christmas miracle in your heart tonight!

This national blog did not yet exist, but developing a home state story was an important part of my creative evolution.  Had been volunteering for sound and maintenance at a bilingual church since January 2002, including an eleven day Short Term Mission trip  to Guatemala in August 2003, yet all without ever adopting anything to bring along with me except our naturally inborn and commonly perpetuated American English snobbery (even still may never learn a language).

May Light from distant stars land in your garden shed (Guatemalan for house and home) today!

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(Comment suggestions for this post:  Christmas, missions work, also such related spectrums of personal, racial, national, or economic humility and equality)

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